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Paul Cahill Transitioning to BCA Advisory Board

Following the successful establishment of Bacchus Capital Advisers Limited (“BCA” or “the Company”) as an independent investment and merchant banking platform four years ago by Peter Bacchus, Paul Cahill, Richard Allan and Chris Johannsen, and as anticipated at the outset, Paul Cahill has decided to transition onto the BCA Advisory Board and agreed to act as Chairman of that Board. He will continue as a Director of BCA and will remain closely involved in BCA’s business on behalf of key clients and in supporting new strategic initiatives for BCA. He remains a significant shareholder in the Company.

Peter Bacchus, Chairman and CEO of BCA, said: “We are delighted that Paul will remain closely involved with us and committed to supporting the continuing success of Bacchus Capital. His significant experience, knowledge and networks in the metals and mining sector, resulting from his roles as an investment banker and as a senior executive in the Anglo American Group, will be very valuable to us as we continue to grow the business.”

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